1) Memorial service for Jack Gretta Wednesday, February 8th 2) Send your input to the Cape Wind review by MMS if interested 3) Meeting reminder: Saturday at 2pm in Worcester, MA, see neeaa.org for directions 1) A 'Celebration of Jack Gretta's Life' will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8th at 11AM at the the Deep River Congregational Church in Deep River, CT. Apologies for the short notice. Call Bob Rice's cell at 203-530-4942 for more details or directions. 2) From: Dave Robie To: All SSSh and NEEAA People (and fellow travellers); The proposal for the 'Cape Wind' offshore windfarm project has been put in the hands of a different govt organization and is undergoing a different type of environmental study now. The agency is inviting public comment regarding the project. Below is an email just recieved from Matthew Palmer of the Clean Power Now organization. Clean Power is the spearhead of the 'pro wind' efforts re: Cape wind and `en passant a great help to all windpower proposals everywhere in New England, and even beyond in some cases. CPN is the prime resource for us as to materials and info regarding 'big wind turbine propsals' and efforts, even the source of the windpower buttons you see on my hat and stickers on my truck As of the signing of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, this government org, Minerals Management Service, will have the final say in regards to the permitting of the Cape Wind proposal for the offshore wind farm in Cape Cod waters. They control all use of the USA's Outer Continental Shelf. Historically, the MA EPA (MEPA) has passed this project. Thanking all the people who through their personal letters to MEPA and group vote and statements of both NEEAA and SSSh had a part in this MA approval. Now it's time to do the same with our personal letters regarding the Federal Government's acceptance. MMS is making rules now for all future offshore projects. These rules could either make or break the availability of the continental shelf to windpower projects. The comment period to this org ends Feb 28th. So all must write soon. Asking all interested in the future of all alternative energy offshore, including this Cape Wind offshore project to mail or email your comments in favor of Cape Wind to; Minerals Management Service Attn; Rules Processing Team Reference altenergy-related uses on the outer continental shelf - 1010-AD30 381 Elden St Herndon VA 20170-4817 For email, you may connect through a 'Clean Power Now' link, the MMS 'public connect' The CPN Eaddy is below in the 'Matt Palmer' letter. Also, direct connect Eaddy for MMS is below . Include the 'Reference' sentence in the mail address above with all comments whether snail or email. Below also, my original inquiry to Matt of CPN in respose to others expressed concerns over what sort of a board the MMS is. Regards David C. Robie Secretary, New England Electric Automobile Association Weymouth Committee Chairman, Sustainable South Shore - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dave, Thanks for your interest in this, and please feel free to forward this email on to your groups. The permit for Cape Wind is now being handled by the offshore division of Minerals Management Service. That division does not get involved in coal mining - they write permits and leases for offshore oil and gas. We are confident they will give the Cape Wind permit a fair and objective review. Some of the people involved in the permitting were part of the Offshore Wind Energy study sponsored by the Mass Technology Collaborative. They are knowledgeable in this area and have been given the task of establishing an offshore renewable energy program for federal waters. The comments they are soliciting now are to help guide them in developing the offshore renewable program. Once they have written draft regulations, there will be another comment period. MMS' offshore renewable website is <http://www.mms.gov/offshore/RenewableEnergy/RenewableEnergyMain.htm>. The present comment period ends Feb 28. Thanks for the information on upcoming events. I have sent a copy of this to Chelsea Harnish, our membership coordinator, since she handles this for us. Thanks, Matt Matthew A. Palmer, PE Executive Director Clean Power Now mpalmer@cleanpowernow.org Office: (508) 775-7796 Fax: (508) 775-7782 Cell: (508) 685-2406 www.cleanpowernow.org -----Original Message----- From: David C Robie [mailto:mycroftxx1@juno.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 4:22 PM To: windfarm@cleanpowernow.org Subject: inquiry Greetings Matt As per Jan 06 issue CPN 'The Vision' page 4; Is the 'Minerals Managing Service' the govt body who's major interest is coal? Seems to me that from the point of view re lobbying, an unfair decision could be given re windpower by a 'coal interest' govt body due to conflict of interest. Will be sending comments to them including a copy of the comments presented by Sustainable South Shore at the MEPA scope at MIT regarding Cape Wind, also the Electric Automobile Association 'communal' stand. If they are into 'coal' I along with other 'personal letter' writers must bias any coments written as to not get their 'coal' people stirred up against wind. Quite a few MIT wind power comments from other individuals and orgs centered on the 'filthy 5' coal burners. Unless you desire otherwise, A copy of your answer to this email will be sent to the Email lists of both Sustainable South Shore and the New England Electric Automobile Association. Both orgs were represented and made favorable comments regarding Cape Wind at MIT. At any rate regardless, a different email with info on how to input 'wind' comments' to this body including your cautions if any will be sent to both lists. Is there a cutoff date on these comments? A 'review period' such as 'from --- to ----- ? Earth Day is coming up and Sustainable South Shore is making plans now for our infofest at Hull MA. We hope to see representation from the CPN org as you have done in the past. Date is Sat Apr 22, setup starts at 8, show opent to the public at 10am. We usually close about 3. Location (at this point) is the same, Mary Jean Murray Bathhouse, on Nantasket Beach. We have both indoor and outdoor locations. You were indoors before and the display was both excellent and informative, a 'hit' with the public. For reservation, contact Nancy Kramer at www.envirodance4@comcast.net. Regards David Robie So Weymouth MA Weymouth Committeee Chairman, Sustaiinable South Shore Secretary, New England Electric Automobile Association