In this update: 1) Support MA NEV legislation, even if not MA resident 2) NEEAA web site statistics 3) Next meeting Feb 11 in Worcester, MA (see for details) To: All members of NEEAA and interested parties. MA is now working on our very own much needed NEV law. This would give electrics such as the Gem car, the old Citicars, the lo speed Feelgoods and all manner of newly developed electric NEV's the right to drive on local roads (not expressways) at speeds not exceeding 30 mph, and the right to 'cross over' state throughways at a speed not greater than 45 mph. At present there is no MA law that allows other than municipally owned NEV type vehicles to use public roads. This would allow private ownership and use. As far as type of registration needed that would be determined by the RMV if it would be motorcycle or car. Perhaps a special plate? This law would aid the development of the USA electric vehicle industry. See info below sent to me by our local enviro group, of which I am a member, Sustainable South Shore. SSSh has been promoting the NEV concept in MA since formation 3 yrs ago. Gal who wrote this is in a family that chooses not to have a car, she and other half use electric bicycles for all trans. and would likely buy an NEV in a heartbeat if this law was to pass. Hull, where she lives, is a fantastic town with forward thinking administrators and country wide notice and acclaim as having the first municipal sized wind turbine on the Atlantic Coast. Shortly a bigger one will be crankin out clean fuelless electric power. and the town website. If you would like to start an envirogroup in your own area, will help you to do it. Even if you are NOT a MA resident, or not a member, it is important to support this NEV (LSV'S they are called in this bill) concept. Electric commuting vehicles are not just for the future. They are for now. Thank you David C; Robie, Secretary New England Electric Automobile Association --------- Forwarded message ---------- David-- Send letters of support to STATE SENATOR GUY GLODIS. Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, State House, Room 413B, Boston, MA 02133 Telephone: (617)722-1485 ... Feel Good and its ZENN car got good PR from the international auto show in Detroit. Thank you for helping create a sustainable Massachusetts. Judeth -----Original Message----- From: David C Robie [] Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 5:22 PM To: Subject: Re: Senate Bill 1313 re Low Speed Vehicles Hooray somebody in legislature is finally getting around to the NEV law. Would like to see it go up to 40mph to include several real decent NEV's that come from Sweeden Italy etc. Where can I send an official letter of support towards this bill from the New England Electric Automobile Assn? We haven't heard of it. I will draft the letter and send it around to our other officers by Email for their OK. Feelgood cars: The one they make using the Renault Dauphine body is pretty much a higher tech duplicate of the Henny Kilowatt converted and marketed by Regina Vacuum cleaner in Rahwey NJ in the 70's energy crunch. To do this, they needed an original Henny to copy. They bought it from Jack Gretta of CT, one of our founding members of NEEAA. Jack recently passed away but we were holding meetings at his house instead of Worcester for about a year so that he could attend. His obit should be in our national newsletter/mag along with his pix with that Henny and an old MG he converted. Jack collected Hennys, had 3, he sold em all to Feelgood, a new company without product then when his Cancer no longer allowed active auto or electromech work. We (NEEAA) hear that feelgood motors hasn't caught on, is in semicomatose condition [They're alive. Brian] Dave On Tue, 17 Jan 2006 20:11:04 -0500 <> Bob- > > I'd like to ask you to support Senate Bill 1313, introduced by > Senator Glodis, which defines Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) and limits > their use to roads with 30 mph speed limits except when crossing > intersections of roads up to 45 mph. This bill would permit zero- > emission electric vehicles to be used in Massachusetts and encourage > development of the electric vehicle industry. > > The bill has been referred to the Public Safety Committee. As a > member of the Transportation Committee, perhaps you can help move > Bill 1313 along. > > Check out the new ZENN (zero emissions no noise) car now available > <> It would be great to be able to drive > one in Hull. > > Thank you for envisioning a model sustainable South Shore. > > Judeth > ==================================================================== Greetings all Just got some intersting news from the NEEAA webmaster (Brian Matheny of NH who is also our Treasurer) Our website recieved a total of 16,197 hits in 05, 14,280 of which were from the US, the rest from 17 different countries. Some of these hits didn't count as they were from providers etc or search engines just checking to see if we were alive and well and not spam, worth listing. However, on phone last nite asked him if there was a callout by date on these hits. Yes there was and asking specificlly about the Altwheels Festival date, there was a nice peak immediately afterwards. Also, numbers started going up as the price of gas rose pre-Katrina, pre-Altwheels. So we have 4 conclusions based on this data. a) It was definitely worth having an NEEAA display at Altwheels. b) When people get hit in the pocketbook regarding gas price, they search for alternatives c) International hits; Our links are working worldwide from this little ole New England Chapter. Even though US interest in plug-in electrics is steady but not making waves, other countries are highly interested in even this tiny regional effort. (sorry about that, Prius guys, they may have been seeking hybrid info too) d) There's an awful lot of people spending an awful lot of time seeking out alternatives to their normal mode of transportation. (this, from the baseline, which was always active regardless of rise or peaks and disregarding 'search engine test' hits, a bit over 40 per day.) Regards Dave Robie Secretary New England Electric Automobile Assn