Just got back from our NEEAA December meeting. We had a great turnout and another wonderful meal at O'Connor's. Lots of good EV discussion as well as other news to share amongst the members.

Randy Bryan, a guest of Brian Metheny, is fairly new to EVs and is interested in opening up an EV dealership in the Concord, NH area. He spent a few minutes of our time asking the group about our views on the strengths and weaknesses of EVs to help him what brand(s) to carry. The discussion brought up some new views on the pros and cons of PHEVs, conversions and trikes.

At the end of the meeting, three new NEEAA jackets were handed out to: Joe Weber, Dave Cover and Dave Oliveria. Two other jackets are ready for Phil Sobolik and Russell Graves.

Next meeting tentatively scheduled back at Bob Rice's home in January. Meal wise, there was some discussion about having some hot chili for a cool wintery day! Anybody have a good chili recipe to share? We may even be able to see a short video on the making of the EV1.

There was a brief side discussion about how could we share our message to the general populous (possible examples were an EV Rally, elected officals involvement, etc). Might be more discussion on this at the next meeting.

We hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas & Happy Year. See you in 2008 at the next meeting in Killingworth, CT!

Dave for the club Member's page