Opportunity Charging in New England

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Map of charging locations in southern New England
To encourage great usage of EVs by increasing confidence in being able to obtain an opportunity charge away from home (even if just for emergency use), please consider submitting your name and information for inclusion on this page.

Public Charging in Massachusetts

North Chelmsford, MA: Jeffrey Dewey (617) 918-8350 (ask for facilities office)
The U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency - Regional Laboratory
11 Technology Drive N.Chelmsford,MA 01863-2431
The EPA is pleased to offer, on an as-available basis, 110VAC and 240VAC charging during business hours (M-F, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM).
At the Rte. 3/Exit 32 interchange head North on Rte 4 to the first light, and make a left onto Technology Drive.

14-50(50Amp, 240V, new style stove outlet)
10-50(50A, 240V, old style stove outlet)
6-20 20A, 240V, and 5-20 (20A 120V) outlets available.

Anyone desiring to charge at the facility must contact them in advance to confirm availability. Telephone (617) 918-8350 and ask for the Facilities Office, or email Jeff
Holyoke, MA: Greg Aubin (413) 532-5057 x201 or (413) 537-2073 (cell)

Directions: I-391 North to end, right on High Street, right on Dwight Street (if you are coming up Dwight from the south, it does not go through). Immediate left after crossing the canal. Go in door near the www.opensquare.com banner on the building and up the stairs.

(4)5-20, 120V, 20A (regular outlets), breakers outside, main breaker inside normally off
(2)10-50, 240V, 50A (stove outlets), breakers outside
For emergency use or with prior request to Greg.
Woburn, MA: Karl Thiedemann
Solectria Corporation    9 Forbes Road   Woburn, MA 01801
Solectria is pleased to offer, on an as-available basis, 110VAC and 220VAC charging during business hours (M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM).

110VAC charging: 20A, NEMA 5-20 outlet
208VAC charging: 20A, NEMA 6-20 outlet

Anyone desiring to charge at Solectria is asked to contact them in advance to confirm availability. Telephone 781-932-9009 and ask for the Customer Service Department, or email

Public Charging in Vermont

Charging in Connecticut

Bristol, CT: Michael Masailo 63 Saw Mill Road (860) 582-2636

Off of route 6 about two miles on Jerome Avenue, through the four-way stop sign. Saw Mill Road on the right two streets after second bridge third house on the left from the end of the road. Incline driveway have extension cord 10 gauge, bring attachments.
5-20, 120V, 20A (regular outlet)
240V, 30A L6-30 twist-lock. 40 foot cord required. Other outlets available with prior request to M. Masailo.
Glastonbury, CT: William Glickman (203) 633-2462

5-20, 120V, 20A (regular outlet)
6-15, 240V, 15A (air conditioner outlet)
6-50, 240V, 50A (welder outlet)
For emergency use or with prior request to Bill. =======================================================================
Marlborough, CT: Joe Weber 29 Edstrom Road (860) 294-0111

5-20, 120V 20A (regular outlet)
14-50, 240V 50A
For club members for emergency use or with prior request to Joe or call.

Charging in Massachusetts

Chelmsford, MA: Virginio Mendonca, 69 Gorham Street (978) 453-4787

10-50(50A, 240V, old style stove outlet)
6-20 20A, 240V, and 5-20 (20A 120V) outlets in garage.

For emergency use (call first) or with prior request to Virginio.
Dracut, MA: Russell Graves 369 Aiken Ave, #1 (518) 929-2018

5-15, 120V 15A, 10-30, 240V 30Amp Dryer outlet with prior request to Russell or call. Will leave outside even if I'm not home at the time.
Holyoke, MA See: Public Charging
Jamaica Plain, MA: Wilson, 48 Danforth Street (617) 524-3147

Across from Orange line T, Stony Brook station! Gray house, call or email for directions.

5-15, 120V, 15Amp out front, available anytime, 30ft extension required (GFCI indoors)
14-50, 120/240V 30Amp by driveway, (GFCI indoors).
Maynard, MA: Rollin Jeglum 134 Great Road (Rte 117) (978) 897-2736

From intersection of Rtes 117 and 27 in Maynard, west on 117. Pass Great Road Dodge on left. Look for green house on right with solar panels on roof directly across from baseball field (corner of Sudbury Street).

5-20, 120V 20A on front of house, use anytime (GFCI indoors)
14-50, 120/240V 50Amp outside and 100Amp rectifier charger for 120V vehicles, with confirmed prior request from Rollin or call.
Will leave outlets on upon request.
North Chelmsford, MA See: Public Charging
North Dartmouth, MA: Dana Rowe (508) 994-0459

For emergency or pre-arranged use. Call or email Dana for directions.

5-15, 120V, 20Amp Laundry outlet, 50ft extension required
10-30, 240V 30Amp Dryer Outlet, 50ft extension required.
Sharon, MA: Ken Olum, 156 Massapoag Avenue (781) 784-6114

5-15, 120V 20A, 6-20 and Regulated DC 0-100V/0-10A in garage,
10-30 dryer outlet in basement, 30ft extension required.
For emergency use or with prior confirmed request from Ken or call.
Southborough, MA: Ken Wells (508) 486-9554

Near intersection of Rte 30 and Rte 85, across from St. Marks school.
5-20, 120V, 20Amp (regular outlet)
6-20, 240V, 20A (air-conditioner outlet), both in garage
For emergency use or with prior request.
Sterling, MA: Jeff Perry (978) 422-6127

5-15, 120V 15A GFCI outside (regular outlet)
10-30 240V, 30A in garage,
L6-20, 240V 20Amp Twist-Lock outside with confirmed prior request from Jeff or call.
Tyngsboro, MA: Mark Villemaire, 25 Chestnut Road (978) 649-5789

Directions: From Route 3 North, take Westford Road exit 34, left at end of ramp.
Go 0.9 mile down to the second set of lights, turn right (you're still on Westford Road).
Go 0.9 mile to a fork in the road, go almost straight, you are now on Chestnut Road.
Go 0.3 mile, house is on the right, off-white split entry full back dormer cape.
If you get to the firehouse, you went too far, turn around and come back one lot.

5-15, 15A, 120V GFCI outlet outside on left side of house, breaker inside
10-30(30A, 240V dryer outlet) 30+ foot cord required
5-20 (20A 120V) GFCI outlet in garage.

For emergency use (call first) or with prior request from Mark V..
Watertown, MA: Jeremy Green (617) 388-5890

6-50, 240V 30A breaker,
(other outlets possible in garage)
2 Fair Radio variable voltage 10A isolated chargers

Call or email Jeremy for directions.
Webster, MA: Hendrickson (508) 949-6329

From Exit 2 on I-395, Route 16, turn west. Left at the T. Left immediately after the town hall. Left at the end of the block. First right and right again when the road ends in a T. First house on right.

5-20, 120V 20A, 6-20, 240V 20A,
14-50, 240V 50Amp (outside by driveway, always on) with request by phone.
Wilbraham, MA: Jim Mell 10 Herrick Place (H)(413)596-4581, (W)(413)552-1553 x3010

5-20, 120V 20A, 10-30, 240V 30Amp with prior arrangement by phone.
Winthrop, MA: Jim Coate 350 Revere Street (617) 539-0906

From Route 1A, Rte 145 East. About 12th house on right after 'Entering Winthrop' sign. Red siding with white trim.

5-20, 120V 20A, GFCI on front porch, always on
6-20, 240V 20A, on front porch, always on (GFCI indoors)
6-50, 240V 50A with prior request from Jim or call. Will leave outside even if I'm not home at the time.
Woburn, MA See:Public Charging

Charging in New Hampshire

Epping, NH: Brian Matheny (508) 404-8250(cell)

5-20, 120V, 20Amp on left side of garage available anytime,
6-20, 240V, 20Amp in garage,
14-50, 120/240V, 50Amp in garage
Call for directions or email Brian. Will leave extension outside garage even if I'm not home at the time.
Hampstead, NH: Jack Bradshaw (603) 329-7322, and (603) 205-3737 (cell)

5-20, 120V, 20Amp
6-20, 240V, 20Amp
14-50, 120/240V, 50Amp
25 Garland Drive (off Rte. 111, first building on the right) - available 24/7 - call if GFI has tripped
- box is on left side of building - use Philips screwdriver to remove two screws to open box
- replace screws when finished - come on in and say hi if the shop is open....
Click pics to enlarge closeup of outlets

Email Jack with questions or thanks.
Wolfeboro, NH: Bob Batson   11 Eagle Trace   (603) 569-1369

5-20, 120V, 20Amp on garage, 6-20, 240V 20Amp in garage,
Call with charge request.

Charging in Rhode Island

Harmony, RI: Vinny Ricciardelli, 296 Putnam Pike Blvd.(Rte 44), #5 (401) 949-4224

6-50?(50A, 240V, welder outlet)
and 5-20 (20A 120V) outlets in garage. (possibly others, check)

For emergency use (call first) or with prior request by phone.

Warwick, RI: Ken McGee 17 Deirdra Court (401) 739-0304

5-20, 120V, 20A (regular outlet) with GFCI in garage
10-30, 240V, 30A (dryer outlet), 40 ft cord required
For emergency use or with confirmed prior request from Ken or call.