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Check out this Drive Electric Week infoDrive Electric Week Flyer

Here are some CT Drive Electric Week locations:

Sept 18 = CT DEEP in Hartford, CT, weekday event promoting EV dealers and panel discussion.
You can sign up to attend Drive Electric Week DEEP

Sept 20 = CCSU New Britain, CT, 1pm to 4pm. Our EAA chapter is coordinating our 3rd annual Nat'l Drive Electric Week (NDEW) on the campus!
If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to register to attend this event at: Drive Electric Week at CCSU
Even it's a maybe, please register to help make a big showing for our group! Even better if you can bring your EV/PHEV to this event to show Connecticut how many EVs there are!
Here are some photos of the September 29 NPID event.

Check out and join our Yahoo group NEEAA .
Download the December 2010 PDF version of The Fuel Savers Guide by Dave Robie.

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